Searching for go to duplex builders NSW? Read on to find out why Duplex Invest is the best and how they can help you.  

If there’s such a thing as waiting for the best time to invest in duplexes in NSW and Queensland then it’s now. Why? Well, late last year there was an introduction of new state-wide planning laws. These laws are designed to fast track medium-density housing in both NSW and Queensland.

With these new planning laws, investors investing in medium-density housing like manors or duplexes can skip the development application process. What this does is make the process of approving complying projects fast. To be exact, this process can be approved in as little as 20 days.

With these new developments, investors are keen on investing in duplexes. This, in turn, has resulted in demand of duplex builders in NSW and Queensland. If you are an investor searching for duplex builders NSW and Queensland, it is important you hire only the best. This will help you complete your duplex project in the projected time. Additionally, it will put you in a position to reap the full benefits of investing in duplexes. One such builder is Duplex Invest.

Who Is Duplex Invest?

This one of a kind project management firm in Australia handles a wide variety of smart property. One of their specialities is building duplexes. In fact, when it comes to matters building duplexes they are the go-to duplex builders NSW and Queensland. They also offer a wide range of other property related services, including everything finance and financial structuring. Key to note is that all their services surpass their competitors by far.

Duplex Builders NSW and Queensland Past Projects

A characteristic with many professional and qualified duplex builders NSW and Queensland is a good portfolio. Being one of the top property builders in Australia, Duplex Invest has a wide variety of projects. In particular, they have impressive duplex projects. What you’ll love about their duplex projects is the variety in design. They all boast unique design and you can expect the same with your project.

Some of the areas they built duplexes with fantastic ROI are Hervey Bay, Armidale, Ipswich and Fern Bay. For a complete list of past and current projects, we suggest visiting Duplex Invest projects page

If you would like Duplex Invest to be your duplex builders NSW and Queensland, contact us by dialling 1800 600 098.