Being able to make an income of a rental property is very important for investors. With this, investors are always looking for ways they can be able to increase the chances of making rental property income. One sure way of doing just that is building a duplex in a suburb that’ll give the best yield.

That said this post highlights top rental suburbs in South Australia for building a duplex. Build your duplex in one of these suburbs and you’ll increase your chances of making an income of your property.

Elizabeth North – $165,000 – Rent: $250

Elizabeth North tops our list of suburbs for building a duplex in Australia. This South Australian suburb has a median house price of $165,000. In this Australian suburb, tenants are paying a weekly rent price of $250. For Elizabeth North, the rental yield stands at 7.7%, the highest in this suburb in Australia for building a duplex property.

Davoren Park – $180,000 – Rent: $245

Davoren Park is next on the list with a median house price of $180,000. Compared to the other suburbs already listed, Davoren Park is the most affordable suburb (weekly wise). Renters in Davoren Park expect to pay a median weekly rental price of $245 for an investment property. The rental yield of Davoren Park is 7.29%.

Elizabeth Park – $204,000 – Rent: $270

Investors who are thinking of building a duplex in Elizabeth Park can look forward to a medium rental return of $270. The rental yield for this South Australian suburb is 6.48% and has a house price of $204,000 making it the second most expensive suburb t make a purchase in South Australia. It’s good to note as well that the waiting time to sell a property in this suburb is up to 204 days.

Elizabeth Downs – $190,000 – Rent: $251

Next on the list with a rental yield of 7.01% is Elizabeth Downs. This South Australian suburb is a popular choice among families living in Australia. In terms of price, investors can expect to rent out their property for $251 a week. The median house price in Elizabeth Downs currently stands at $190,000. This median house price makes it the second most affordable suburb in this list.

Who To Call If You Are Building A Duplex

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