Not sure if or why you should invest in a duplex build and rent in South Australia (SA)? Well, here are a few reasons that’ll help you make this decision confidently.

“Location, Location, Location”, this is a very common mantra in real estate anywhere you go. While this is usually good advice, many investors have no idea what it really means. As a result, investors end up investing in a duplex build and rent in wrong places.

So what constitutes a good location for real estate investment? Well, the right location to invest in means different things to different investors. However, there are some subjective factors that determine what a good location is. You’ll find a number of these subjective factors in SA (South Australia). This is why SA is without a doubt a great place for a duplex build and rent investment.

The subjective factors we are talking about and we will highlight are;

  • Price
  • Neighbourhood
  • Development
  • Centrality


Top on the list of reasons why SA is a great place for a duplex build and rent is price. When looking for a great location for a duplex build and rent, you want to go for a location where prices are rising. In particular, you want to invest in an area where the rent per week is not just good but also on the rise. The same also applies to homes in the market and are for sale.

With that in mind, I’d love to point out that South Australia (SA) offers just that. Prices of units in SA are on the rise. For example, in Adelaide, house prices grew by 2% over the year. With SA, the overall picture is very positive. In fact, the price of an average home in places like Adelaide now surpass places like Perth and the rest.


Location with a good neighbourhood is very important. Why is this so? Well, investing in a good neighbourhood has several benefits. One big advantage of a good neighbourhood, however, is demand. You are likely to find people lining up to live in locations with a good neighbourhood. This demand is usually due to a neighbourhood’s appearance, amenities and accessibility. Renters or buyers are always looking to live in areas with these three.

With South Australia, you get all these three and more. For instance, you get a location that’s close to major city routes in Australia. In addition, it does have not one, not two, but several points of entry. A location that makes it easy for residents to move around or commute easily is more desirable compared to the one that’s not easily accessible.


Development is another key factor to consider when looking at locations for a duplex build and rent. While it is good to invest in locations that already have all the necessary amenities, you should also look into what is going to be developed. In particular, look into developing plans that touch on hospitals or schools.

Public infrastructure and transportation are also important. You want to invest in a location that has good public infrastructure and transportation. Commercial development is also very important. In most cases, the development of a commercial space helps improve the value of a location and property alike.

With South Australia, you get a location that is always developing. You’ll find hospitals and schools being developed in SA. Furthermore, commercial development that includes the development of malls is on the rise. Public infrastructure and transportation are not left behind either. To sum it all up, you get a location that’s constantly developing with SA.


Centrality is also important when looking for a location for a duplex build and rent. Why is this so? Well, it goes to determine how much renters will pay for your duplex or how much you’ll sell it for. With centrality, you want to go to an area that is highly developed. In addition, the location should have a good amount of additional growth in future. Such areas have properties or duplexes with high rent or purchase price compared to locations with too much room to expand.

One such area in Australia is South Australia. It boasts a good amount of additional growth in future and is highly developed. What this means is that you can get a good return on your duplex to build or rent investment.

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