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steps 1 - Finance

We're Here To Help

DUPLEX INVEST offers a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Turn key and ready to start DUPLEX and Development Projects
  • Project management of your upcoming or existing DUPLEX or Development Project
  • Access to a trusted and long serving panel of award-winning Australian builders
  • Fixed price and fully turn key build contracts including subdivision and individual titles
  • Full Project Management of your construction to completion
  • Independent building inspections with detailed photos
  • Rental and Sales assistance
  • Finance and Investment Services + private funding options

Our DUPLEX Consultants are here to educate and guide you and will be happy to answer as many questions as you can ask.

With over 20 years of finance and property experience there service to you is invaluable!

steps 2 - Finance

Assess Your Borrowing Capacity

NOTE This is an optional step if you dont already have a bank, broker or finance in place / or you just want a second option. You are of course more than welcome to secure your own finance.

No matter what your property development goals are, 99% of the time you need finance to achieve them, this step is just as important as finding the right property.

As part of our service we are happy to offer a FREE, no obligation Financial Health Check. We work alongside an award-winning Finance Team who have access to over 30 bank and non-bank lenders meaning we are one of the top DUPLEX funders in Australia.

The Finance Team will provide you with a confirmed borrowing level, so you know exactly where you stand financially, and your capacity to invest.

steps 3 - Finance

Strategy and Planning

Missing this important step is where many investors come unstuck and it can be a costly mistake!

With our DUPLEX Consultants extensive experience in both finance and property development, we can help you create a strategy that will work for you on this project, and the others to follow. This strategy will allow you to plan your property investment over the coming years, set goals, and monitor your progress.

As part of our service, we will help you to reassess your strategy once a year. If you already have a strategy, we can work with you to make it a reality.

steps 4 - Finance

Project Review / Due Diligence

Our turn key and ready to start DUPLEX and Development Projects come with detailed due diligence not limited to:

  • Location information, suburb profileand estate details
  • Site and contour plans
  • Full build plans, specifications and inclusions
  • Information on the builder, their past projects and client testimonials
  • Full cost summary and break down
  • Recent and independent sales and rental appraisals
  • Projected development profits and rental returns

The above is just to get you started, and we are happy to provide any additional information you might require just ask.

steps 5 - Finance

Contracts / Finance Application

Once you have selected a DUPLEX Project and provided your Expression of Interest the land and build contracts are generated within 24 hours.

After the contracts are reviewed by your legal representative (Solicitor or Conveyancer), the finance process can begin. If you do not have a bank or broker, we can assist you in this vital step.

Upon finance approval a 10% deposit is paid on the land and this will trigger the builder to start the initial Development Approval process.

steps 6 - Finance

Land Settlement / Development Approval

As DUPLEX suitable land is so difficult to secure in the current market, sometimes you have to wait a few months for it to register be able for you to settle and take ownership. Thats fine, as the builder will use this time to work on the Development Approval process.

The same day the land settles the pre-prepared Development Application can be submitted to council. We use both a Town Planner and Private Certifier to speed this process up.

Generally, we have a full DUPLEX approval in around 8 weeks, but it will depend on the council.

steps 7 - Finance

Project Commencement

As soon as we have secured the Development Approval you will also be provided will all the required builders insurances. Construction can generally start within 7 days of the builders 5% deposit being paid.

Our trusted and long serving panel of award-winning Australian builders have a guaranteed build time of 22 weeks.

DUPLEX INVEST will provide full Project Management over construction including updates and detailed photos as each of the 5 standard progress stages being Base, Frame, Enclosed, Fixing and Completion.

steps 8 - Finance

Project Completion / Handover

Prior to completion and handover of your new DUPLEX Project an independent building inspection is arranged. The final completion payment is not required until the project has met our stringent standards and any defects have been rectified.

Full detailed photos will be provided, and If you are not able to inspect the project yourself we are happy to work with a representative, sales or rental agent.

steps 9 - Finance

Subdivision and Strata / Torrens Title

Although we will have approval to construct a DUPLEX before construction starts, in most cases the individual titles (either strata or Torrens title) can only be finalised after construction is finished as a final survey is required.

This is a very involved process that is also expensive however these costs are included in your fixed and fully turn key build price.

Once this process is finished we will work with you and your lender to finalise the individual titles.

steps 10 - Finance

Review, Value and Strategy

Congratulations – the project is now fully completed, and you have the individual titles for each unit, so it is time to review the project with your DUPLEX Consultant.

We will be happy to arrange both a bank and agent valuation, so you can see the exact amount of development profit you have achieved this is our favourite part!

From here your DUPLEX consultants will work with you to create a strategy to move onto the next project.

You may also choose to have this conversation during the build process.

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Here is what our clients have to say

Toowoomba Duplex - Finance

George J - Toowoomba Duplex

The build took under 6 months and was tenanted on completion

We havent had it valued yet but are extremely happy, and would recommend DUPLEX INVEST

Pt Macquarie Duplex JK - Finance

Jason and Kerri - Pt Macquarie Duplex

The build took less than 6 months and we are expecting more than a $250,000 development profit once subdivided

The rental return was exactly what DUPLEX INVEST had predicted

Armidale Custom Project  - Finance

Martin K - Armidale Custom Project

Paul created a custom 2 dwelling project and it was extremely successful!

$200,000 development profit and a 6.5% return

I have just signed on to build a triplex with DUPLEX INVEST and expect the same excellent results

Hervey Bay Duplex  - Finance

Lea S - Hervey Bay Duplex

Everything went exactly to plan, and the property was tenanted quickly on completion.

We estimate there is well over $100,000 in development profits.

Pt Macquarie Duplex SP - Finance

Suresh Patel - Pt Macquaire Duplex

I cant say enough about Paul and the team at DUPLEX INVEST The end development profit was an astounding $260,000!

We also ended up receiving more rent than was expected

Ipswich Duplex - Finance

Vinicius & Karina - Ipswich Duplex

The build took under 6 months and was tenanted on completion

We havent had it valued yet but are extremely happy, and would recommend DUPLEX INVEST

Fern Bay Dual Key  - Finance

Nicholas L - Fern Bay Dual-Key

My dual-key project ended up showing a 7.5% return so I am very happy

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