Are you thinking of building a duplex in Australia? Well, below you’ll find streets in Australia you should look at.

For duplex investors and renters alike, location is very important. Why is this? Well, building a duplex or investing in one in the right location guarantees a great return on investment. For renters, choosing to rent a duplex in an ideal location guarantees easy access to several amenities and facilities. In addition, it gives renters comfort knowing they are staying in a secure environment.

With this in mind, many investors seeking to build a duplex(s) are always looking for that perfect location. While it might sound easy, pointing out an ideal location to build a duplex is not that easy. This is more-so true when it comes to new real estate property investors.

This is why weve opted to share with you this duplex post. Below we look at the most sort after streets in Australia. Build your duplex in any of these streets and you are sure to get a good return on your investment.

The streets we will be looking at are;

  • Regent Street
  • Turner Street
  • Joyce Street
  • Jayson Avenue Street
  • Amaretti Way
  • Swinton Avenue Street

Regent Street

Top on the list of most sought after streets in Australia is Regent Street in Elsternwick. You can think of Regent as the street where every renter in Australia wants to live in. So why is this so? Well, there are several things that make Regent standout to renters. One of the main reasons why this is so is the fact that it has everything for everyone.

Another reason why Elsternwick as a suburb and Regent Street are so popular is the TV show The Block. That said, the median housing price in Regent Street is $1.82 million. The median rent, on the other hand, is $700 per week.

Turner Street

New South Wales (NSW) Turner Street in Blacktown is another top renters choice in Australia. In addition to having a vibrant community, this street boasts a variety of amenities and facilities. This includes schools, hospital, good public transportation system and even large reserves. It also has a good mixture of house types from luxury homes with pools to small one-bedroom units.

With all these different house types, the best part is that there is a demand for all them. Therefore, if you build your duplex in Turner Street, you can expect it to rent out very fast. So what is the median rent in Turner Street? Well, its $415 per week. Median housing price in Turner Street is $535,000.

Joyce Street

Elwoods most sought after street is Joyce Street. There are several things that contribute to making this street perfect for renters. For starters, it has a unique beauty and charm thats compared to no other street. Its also very quiet and this works to give renters a peaceful living. If you are an investor looking to build a duplex in this street, it is important you know a few things. First, you need to know the streets median weekly rent.

With that in mind, the median rent in Joyce Street is $440. Median housing price in Joyce Street, on the other hand, is $738,000.

Jayson Avenue Street

Elthams Jayson Avenue Street is without a doubt one of Melbournes in-demand street. Renters are fast flocking to this street in Victoria where the median rent is $520 per week. So who are these renters flocking Jayson Avenue? Well, they are usually couples with children.

With knowledge of this street’s median rent, the ext information investors looking to build duplexes want to know is median. So what is the median house price? Well, itis $890,000.

Amaretti Way

Just 45-minute drive to the North of Adelaide, Amaretti Way is West South Australias in-demand street. This Australian street in Munno Parra suburb boasts a number of useful facilities and amenities. Furthermore, you can access it through the Max Fatchen Expressway. This particular fact makes Amaretti Way one of Australias most well-connected streets to the main city.

Median rent price in Amaretti Way currently stands at $310 per week. In addition to this figure, the median house price is very important. That said, units in Amaretti Way have a median sale price of $249,000k.With such a low median rental and median sale price, Amaretti Way is the cheapest among all streets listed in this post.

Swinton Avenue Street

Finishing off our list of sought after streets where you should build your duplex is Swinton Avenue. This street in Victoria is found in Australias Kew suburb and has a median rent price of. Renters here enjoy and love a peaceful environment and easy access to just about any facilities or amenities. For starters, it is located near a good transport system, a school and a hospital just to mention a few.

Furthermore, it is not that expensive. This of course, if you were to compare it to other well-known streets in Australia. Median housing price in Swinton Avenue Street currently stands at $2,000,000. This makes it the most expensive in-demand street in this post.

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